The School policy is to have a home away from home life exhibited in the arrangement of Boarding, Proper supervision1 We keep very well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories2 We desire to be a leading private Secondary School operating in a climate that ensures academic excellence, high moral values and the promotion of Godly principle.3




       Cayley College has come a long way since inception on 9th October 1995. Our students are presented with the unique opportunities to grow in confidence, to develop their own personalities in a secure, happy environment where they are nurtured to aim high and to expect great things. Though the school is already known for hard work, the concern is still shown for the individuality and uniqueness of each child, striving to achieve the highest academic standard of which they are capable.
       So as to achieve our objectives, energetic teachers who ensure that we offer a rich academic environment are readily available.
All students are required to abide by a code of behaviour similar to that normally expected within a family where the emphasis is given to courtesy, politeness, integrity, respect and very importantly the fear of God.we encourage the involvement of parents and families as dynamic partners in their children's education.
The students are encouraged to continue in the spirit of excellence. Always remembering the motto of the school "Knowledge is Divine".
In conclusion, we are committed and determined that all concerned will ensure the achievement of the goal of the institution, which is " the making of the TOTAL CHILD".

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Academic Programme

BOARDING The School policy is to have a home away from home life exhibited in the arrangement of Boarding, Proper supervision, Prompt medical service, Spiritual guidance, recreational facilities, Private study arrangements, Extra maths lessons are part of a system that create a successful boarding arrangement

Admission Policy

School Facilities

JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL SUBJECTS OFFERED English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Basic Science, Yoruba Language, Igbo Language, Agricultural Science, Physical Health Education, Basic Technology, Business Studies, Home Economics, Creative Arts (Art & Music) Computer Studies, French, Christian Religious Studies.

SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL CORE SUBJECTS: English Language, Mathematics, Yoruba/Igbo Language, ICT, A Vocational Subject One of History, Geography, Literature in English, One of Physics ,Chemistry, Biology

ELECTIVES (ATLEAST THREE MUST BE OFFERED) Physics Chemistry Biology Government Technical Drawing French Fine Art Food & Nutrition Further Mathematics Commerce Book Keeping Typing Economics History Literature in English Geography Christian Religious studies Agricultural Science.

ASSESSMENT SYSTEM The academic progress of each student is assessed through class tests, Projects, Practical works, assignments, class participation and termly Examination. The continous assessment marks would be added to the terminal examination score in the ratio Classwork - 30% : Examination - 70%

Beyond the Class


One day, the king threw a party for all the domestic animals. He told the cow to sit at the edge of the table and share out the food because she was the biggest of all the animals present. The cow agreed to do so. But when she passed out the first course, she forgot the fly. He complained to the cow who said, “be patient”.


     When the second course arrived, the fly called out again. But the cow just pointed to her eye and to the fly to look there, and he would get food later. In the end, the fly went to bed without food. The next day, the fly complained to the king. The king thought, the cow had done wrong not to give the fly a share, so she told the fly that in the future, he should always get food from the cow’s eyes.

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