Cayley College

Cayley College is Preparing Students for a Globalized World Starting in September

For a long time, Cayley College has been at the forefront of preparing students for the future of life and work. Right from the early 2000s, our students have been exposed to critical skills that place them ahead of their contemporaries. Informally, we teach them life skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, leadership, etc.

In order to continue in its tradition of excellence in developing the next generation of global shapers and change agents, Cayley will be launching a formal Life Skills Programme for all its students starting from JSS 1 to SS3.
The Life Skills’ Initiative will be tailored along the “8 skills of the future” proposed in Pearson’s 2014 edition of “The Learning Curve”. According to Pearson, these 8 skills are the most necessary to succeed in the 21st century. They are as follows:
·         Leadership –not the traditional concept of leadership which is mostly about powerful individuals directing others. Rather, it is about fostering collaboration, working towards common goals, and acting as a leader in any role assumed, regardless of whether it meets the classical definition of a leader or not. Our students will be exposed to formal leadership through various channels.
·         Digital Literacy - the ability to use digital technology to locate, review, utilize and create new information. We are indeed in the digital age. Digital technologies are constantly evolving and their effect on the lives of individuals, groups, communities, states and nations cannot be overemphasized. We will pledge to continue as a top school in transferring digital literacy skills to students.
·         Communication – it’s not just about communicating; it’s really about effective communication. When we launch in September, our students will be exposed to strategies and channels that would give them an edge in the labour market, as entrepreneurs and in life generally.
·         Emotional Intelligence: beyond effective communication, Cayley’s life skills programme will empower students to be able to regulate their emotions, particularly in challenging circumstances. They will also learn how to work effectively with others by understanding how they feel, think and act in different situations.
·         Entrepreneurship – leaders of the future will be job creators and not job seekers. The earlier students are taught to start thinking of our to identify burning problems around them, create solutions, products and services to take advantage of the opportunities that abound, the better for the future of our world. At Cayley College, we are committed to raising the best of the best entrepreneurs who will initiate breakthrough innovations that will lift the world to new heights.
·         Global Citizenship – The nations of the world have drawn closer to one another as a result of several integrating factors, including breakthrough improvements in transportation systems across borders, sophistication in communication networks, including the internet, telephone networks, instant messaging platforms and radio/television technologies. The boundaries between peoples and nations have since collapsed. Those who will thrive in the world of the future must be global citizens. Cayley College is blazing the trail in global citizenship education taking these realities into consideration.
·         Problem Solving – Life is about solving problems. Unfortunately, most educational institutions have not lived up to their calling of raising kids who have a problem solving orientation. Kids are simply thought to rehearse old problems and proffer traditional solutions that have been used for decades. The trend is changing at Cayley College. Watch out for us come September.
·         Team Work – It is a known fact that no man is an Island. We need others to complement our skills and efforts in order to achieve superior results.  What many do not know is that team work is a skill that must be consciously learned -formally or informally-  in order to reduce or prevent the many frictions that occur in team life. We are aware of this at Cayley and we are ready to go all the way.
Starting from September 2018, Cayley’s Life Skills Programme will be structured in such a way that students will be exposed to at least one aspect of these skill areas each academic term. Various methods, including classroom instruction, project based learning, mentoring and coaching, multimedia presentation and personal reflection, will be employed to empower our students and prepare them for a dynamic future.