Cayley College



1. Law of decision: Life does not give you what you deserved but what you decide, demand and are determined to have nothing less than. Decide to be nothing less than a high flying student and determine what grades are unacceptable to you.

2. Law of foresight: what you see is what you get.  Fill out your desired report card at the beginning of the term and work towards it. If you can see it in your heart, you can have it in your hand.

3. Law of motivation: You are endowed with innate resources to achieve your dreams and greater. Your motivation is what drives you from inside to do great things. If you need the result of a high flying student badly pursue it madly.

4. Law of reward: Don`t wait for someone to reward you for your good results, appreciate yourself and reward yourself. Celebrate all your little achievement everyday as little achievements make great accomplishments.

5. Law of prioritization: The key to success is to get your priorities right and do first things first.

6. Law of concentration: Distraction is an attraction that sidetracks you. Concentration is the art of blocking out every side attraction. Your physical presence in class is nothing if you are mentally absent.

7. Law of reputation: Your reputation is built by what people see you do or hear from you every day. Build a good reputation live up to it with your good grades.

8. Law of consistency:  The things you do consistently produce your results. Have a consistent reading lifestyle to get great results.

9. Law of admiration: The kind of people you admire will determine the kind of people you attract. You will attract not only their personalities but also their results. If you don`t admire their results, then they don`t deserve your admiration.

10.  Law of affection: Whatever subject you truly like, you will likely pass. Disliking your teachers will not reduce their salaries but reduce your grades as you tend to lose interest in the subject. Find something good to love about your teachers and love all your subjects.

11. Law of sacrifice: The pain of preparation for your exams will determine the gain of celebration for your results. Every success has a measure of sacrifice, if you are not willing to pay the price, don`t expect to get the prize. Thank you.